Made in the USA

Our alcove cabinets are our most popular cabinets among our clients. Let us know the dimensions of the space and our designer’s can plan the cabinet around the space to make sure everything will fit.

Our bespoke range of alcove cabinets are completely made to measure and made to order. They are perfect for any room and can be customized in every way possible.

Every alcove cabinet is handmade in our workshop and can be customized precisely to fit any space or theme.

 Soft-close hinges
 Ready for painting / finishing


Looking for something a little different? Tell us in the form box below or send us a message! All our cabinet’s are personally designed and made for you using state of the art machinery to ensure the best possible finish is achieved.

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Whether you’re looking for a simple storage solution or to revamp your room; create practical, stylish and budget friendly furniture that fits your room and lifestyle perfectly.

Construction Details:

  3/4″ Premium MDF counter-top with a chamfer on all exposed edges.

  Full extension side mounted ball-bearing GTV runners. Available with or without soft-close mechanism.

  3/4″ Premium MDF fully sanded doors in multiple door styles. Machine tooled for a premium finish.

  Concealed soft-close GTV hinges.

  3/4″ Premium shelves with chamfered front edge. Fixed or adjustable.

  3/4″ Premium MDF carcass for a premium finish.

  Paint ready.



To ensure the best finish is achieved on our MDF cabinet’s, we use a high quality brand that’s specially designed for applications such as kitchen and bathroom furniture or any home furniture, while being very budget friendly.

All edges are beveled and sanded smooth to allow for a beautiful and easy paint finish – only requiring one coat of primer, followed by a top coat.

• Consistently Smooth Surface• Ideal For Humid Conditions
• Moisture Resistant• Perfect For Painting
• FSC Certified• CARB2 Compliant



How do I order bespoke furniture?

Its easy, but its best to have a plan of what you want first.  Make a sketch of your space and sizes, then choose your cabinets from our selection.  We have some general sizes but why not just fill the space properly with custom sizes. 

How much do your custom-made furniture cost?

Not as much as you think.  In fact, because we make everything in our own workshops, you save as there is no middleman.  Best of all, custom sizes cost very little extra, take no longer and won’t break the bank.

What exactly do I get?

With every order you get a ready to assemble cabinet or cabinets, full instructions and all fittings.  All our cabinets have been assembled in the workshop to check fit and you should have no problem putting them back together. 

We also can provide 3D rendering of your order for your review.

Can I buy my unit painted?

Unfortunately not.  It is not a service we offer.  The MDF can be painted and as we use only ‘furniture grade’ MDF which does not fluff up on the edges, painting is very easy.

What’s the catch?

There isn’t any, other than a bit of reassembly.  Because everything we do is made to order you can be sure it will fit. 

How do I customize a design?

You can customize every cabinet in our selection for size and normal choices.  If you have a very specific requirement, contact us first and we will guide you through adding additional notes that we will pass to our shop into make the cabinet you want.

Will I need any special tools to put together your cabinets?

The tools you need for assembly are a drill, a small hammer for any pins and if you are scribing tops and fillers then a jigsaw would be handy to have.  Any unusual parts and special drill bits will be put into your kit by one of the team.  Our its are made how they should be and we do not use cheap ‘knock down’ fittings.

Do you keep any made-to-measure kits in stock?

We do not keep any kits in stock as every cabinet custom and can be built in a very short period of time.

Can the cabinet be white MDF?

Unfortunately, we don’t offer a basic “white MDF” cabinet.  To achieve a white MDF finish, it will need to be painted, which is a service we don’t currently offer.

Are hinges soft close and runners too?

As standard, our hinges are soft close, runners are full extension and you can request soft close.  However, below a depth of 12 inches soft close runners will not allow the drawer to open sufficiently and therefore they will not be available below this depth.  Runners stop at 28″ and therefore, if a depth is beyond this the runner will remain a maximum of 28 inches.