About Us


So you need a custom cabinet

It all starts with an idea. You’re idea…

You need to know your sizes. That’s the most important and first step to the process. With these sizes you can choose a relevant cabinet that meets your needs. It may be a small single cabinet to fill a particular hole, or a large dresser that will free-stand. Either way, the size is paramount.

Once you have found the relevant sized cabinet, include the number of items you would like in your design and send your information to us and we will turnaround with a quote. 

If our price meets your budget then let’s do a little more to get your cabinet just the way you want it!

Make it your own

If you have a sketch of what you are wanting, send us an email and we can contact you to go over your custom design.  

Things that our customers generally ask for are cut outs for plugs and pipes, split doors, design adjustments and custom tops.

Submit your project for us to check

When you send us your project we will go over it with you or if it is simple enough we will create a 3D rendering for your review and approval.

Review, quote, fine tune & finally pay

Once we receive your order, whether it is fully paid or a ‘get a quote’, format we will review your cabinet and any other changes and prepare a design based on the details provided. We may suggest ideas for you based on our experience and submit all this to you for review.

You may then request any changes required and ask for clarification on your design directly with your designer. Be aware that some changes will increase the price of your project.

Once you are happy with your design and we are sure that we have interpreted your request, it’s time to accept the design.

We will now invoice you for payment to get started.


Now your order is in our system for production, we will allocate your materials, fittings and workshop time. We do this by utilizing our ‘lean & discrete’ manufacturing process. This will allow us to give the best and quickest manufacturing schedule for your project.

Our flexible process will allow us to make your order in the best possible time depending upon material, size, complexity and order date. This can be as little as 5 days for smaller, simple projects and as long as 8 weeks for the largest most complex order.

Manufactured to order

Every cabinet project is built to order. We do not keep any standard cabinets in stock.

We utilize a lean approach to our manufacture. This means we only bring in materials for your cabinet when it is due. While we employ cutting edge technology where required, every one of our cabinets are still built by hand in our local bespoke cabinet shop.

We like to describe your project as almost a prototype. By this we mean that we only build one and while we build it exactly to your specification, our craftsmen may need to fine tune the cabinet as it progresses and we will update you with any little changes that may be prudent. It’s what makes our service special. You have your own cabinetmaker looking after your project every step of the way.

Assembled or kit form

Every cabinet is expertly cut, jointed, machined and assembled.

For fully assembled delivery, your cabinet will then be quality checked and set aside for packing.

For self assembly kits and larger projects that cannot be delivered fully assembled, our craftspeople will now fully de-assemble and label all parts, produce an exploded diagram and an assembly guide for you.

The workshop will prepare all the screws, hinges, and other parts to complete the kit and package these in separate heat sealed bags for easy identification.

Everything is now moved to our packing area.

Securely packed & dispatched

Our packing department now carefully packs your cabinet ready for dispatch using double thick cardboard boxes, full corner and edge protection and adds your instructions and parts.

In the case of fully assembled delivery, we corner protect and film wrap your cabinet with any extras securely added to the delivery.

We now book your delivery. We use multiple carriers depending upon size, weight and speed. Smaller deliveries are sent by express courier, whereas larger projects and fully assembled deliveries are dispatched via our specialist carrier.

Please give us a call or leave your details below and we will call you back asap.